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It's me theWhiteFox I design & build simple, fast, user friendly Web Apps by talking through ideas & finding solutions with shiny new tech. While designing & building I strive for the complexity of simplicity & the craftsmanship improvement method. Before I wrote code I studied art and I learned to cook, for me building an app is like cooking a delicious meal from a recipe that I have created. My favorite food is sushi and what I understand with sushi is that simplicity is complex. When making my web apps I keep simplicity in mind, however like great sushi it is an art and anything but simple. The complex art of simplicity is what I am trying to master when I design and build my applications.

Yoshikazu Ono: "Always look ahead and above yourself. Always try to improve on yourself. Always strive to elevate your craft."

I also love to travel. In 2017 I travelled to India, I visited the north Himachal Pradesh and then the south Kerala for the month of October. For me travelling is a creative experience, especially to countries where the culture & food is completely different to what I know.

If you wanna talk about a project, please contact me or using my contact form below.

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Hanuman Temple
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India 2017

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I currently live in a suburb of Dublin.