So this month, I am going to try read 2 books. On my train ride to and from work, I am reading You Dont Know JS & when I want to change up and read a CSS book. For any other books on my list of books to read this year, I read then write out the code excercises on my small white plastic laptop. My OS is Ubuntu - 18.04 LTS “Bionic Beaver”. To write / view / debug code VSCode, my CLI GNOME Terminator .

February Read
Eloquent Javascript Marijn Haverbeke Problem Solving 101 A Simple Book for Smart People Ken Watanabe
JavaScript jQuery Jon Duckett
JavaScript - Novice to Ninja Darren Jones
You Dont Know JS Up and Going Kyle Simpson
Laravel: Up & Running Matt Stauffer

Where I am at, as of the 10th of Feb:
Chapter 3: Eloquent JavaScript
Chapter 5: Functions Methods & Objects in JavaScript jQuery
Chapter 2: Functions You Dont Know JS Up and Going
Chapter 5: JavaScript - Novice to Ninja
Chapter 2: Why use Laravel - Laravel: Up & Running

Some code from the books above theWhiteFox Repos: ydkjs, Eloquent JS