I love to cook (especially sauces) and eat delicious food. I love to read and learn new recipes. Algorithms for me are like recipes in programming. As my cooking skills have improved by learning recipes, I hope my programming skills will improve by learning algorithms. I chose JS as the language to learn these algorithms / recipes because it’s the language of the web and a language I want to master.

I also want to improve my problem solving / JS writing skills, these are some JS algorithms that I will understand, not just do.

I am using GitHub Pages, gists theWhiteFox and repl.it to write, debug, display and output the code.

The Algorithms I have chosen to learn

  • Two Sum Algorithm ES6
    1. Check array for sum of two values
    2. Learn Big O notation
  • Fibonacci
    1. a great way to learn recursion
  • FizzBuzz
    1. an interesting way to test my programming skills
  • Dijkstra
    1. improve my understanding of networking with JS
  • Harmless Ransom Note
    1. Big O notation
  • Palindrome
    1. String & array manipulation
    2. String and array methods
  • Caesar’s Cipher
    1. encryption
  • Reverse a string

https://Rob Bell beginners guide to big o notation

Why are algorithms so important

stackoverflow fibonacci recursive

How to Implement Dijkstras

wikipedia Edsger W. Dijkstra

thatjsdude check Palindrome

learning JS algorithm from scratch


two ways to check for palindromes JS

medium Tim Severien substitution cipher JS

Reverse a string

You Dont Know JS